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Tampering a flight reservation

In this post, I would like to tackle a day to day problem of airplane travelers – booking security.

The story began a few days ago when my friend airplane reservation was canceled by the agency that bought the airplane tickets. The request was made to the agency because my friend was too lazy to access the airplane website and cancel the ticket.
I question that pop-up in my mind was related to who are the entities and groups that have the right to cancel or to do changes on airplane reservations. I started to research this topic to find out what are the tools and mechanisms that can ensure us that we can secure our reservation from 3rd parties that could do changes on our ticket without our approval.

I started from the ground using an existing reservation that I had for a business trip in the US. Each airplane reservation has 3 piece of information that enables you to manage your booking
(1) Name – The traveler name
(2) Booking reference– An alpha-numeric code used to…

(Post Event) Global AI/ML Bootcamp, Cluj-Napoca, 2018

This week we hosted the Global AI/ML Bootcamp event in Cluj-Napoca. We had a day full with hands-on labs on Cognitive Services and bot framework.
It was a lot of fun to compare Trump face with our faces using Vision services offered by Microsoft over Cognitive Services. More than 30 people, joined the event and discovered how Azure can improve our day to day life using AI and ML.
The event was possible with the support of our local sponsor 8X8 that hosted the event and made the event possible.

At this event, I delivered a workshop about Cognitive Services.  Together with the attendees, we develop an application that is able to detect people in pictures. On top of this, the application is able to identify images where the same person appear.

You can find below slides and content from the event.
Title: Building a Computer Vision Application Leveraging the Custom Vision Service
Trainer: Radu Vunvulea


Title: How to design, build and deploy your first ente…

(Auto) Scaling dimensions inside Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) it's the perfect location where you can deploy and run your Kubernetes system. You just deploy your application, focusing on business needs and letting Microsoft manage your infrastructure.
Once your application is a big success and you have a lot of visitors or clients you will need to scale-up or down based on different factors like no of users, no of views or many other specific counters. Let's see how you can scale your Kubernetes solution inside AKS and what Microsoft prepared to us to support our dynamic scaling.
Of the most appealing feature of a microservice architecture is scaling, that it is more granular than on a classical deployment, providing us the flexibility to scale only the components that are on stress. In this way, we can optimize how we consume our computation resources. 
Scaling dimensions Inside Kubernetes, there are different directions on how we can scale our applications. Two have them are more on the software side and …