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[Post Event] Cloud Developers Day, Krakow 2018

This week I had the pleasure to discover the cloud and Azure community from Krakow. I was surprised to meet extraordinary people that are working on projects where cloud is changing the way how they do business and deliver services to their end customers. Cloud Developers Days it is a conference that is at the first edition. Even so, there were almost 200 people that join the two-day event. There were two tracks in parallel about cloud and how Azure is changing the world. At the event, I talked about what a team shall take into consideration on day ZERO of the project, and I was part of a Q/A session about cloud. You can find below the slides and some pictures from the event. See you next time! Title: Day ZERO on a cloud project Abstract: In this session we will take a look on what we need to keep on our radar when we start a new project inside cloud. When not only us, but also clients are new in cloud ecosystem we need to be aware of small things that can make a different or

Losing control of your web application in the world of nearshore IT model

In this post, I will share with you a story about why it is so important to be aware of any 3rd parties dependencies and how you manage the ownership and access control to them. Context Starting a few years ago it becomes widespread to integrate your web application with 3rd parties identity providers like Facebook, Google or Twitter. From the consumer perspective, it is more straightforward to have only one identify and use it on multiple web application versus having different accounts and password for each application. Let’s take Facebook as an example where to be able to do such an integration you need to create a Facebook App that it is used as the authentification and authorization layer for your app. The application can be created by a normal Facebook Account that becomes the Administrator of the Facebook App. In most of the cases, the company that owns the web application does not have IT capabilities and use an external company to implement the web application and manage

[Post Event] DevTalks Cluj-Napoca 2018

Today (May 16th, 2018) I had the opportunity to participate at DevTalks as an attendee but also as a speaker. I was surprised to discover a conference with more than 1200 people and 7 tracks in parallel. Besides this, the event took place in Polyvalent Hall , a beautiful location that can handle more than 1000 people without a problem. My session was different from the ones that I had until now. I had to talk about Azure to a Java audience. It was not an easy task to do, and at least nobody said Azure sucks. You can find below session details and slides. Title: RUNNING JAVA APPS INSIDE AZURE Abstract : In this session, we will NOT talk about how much Microsoft loves Linux or how much Azure loves Java. This session will focus on how an application written in Java using tools available for Java environment can survive inside Azure. Together we will take a look at how we can create a similar environment as you have on AWS or on-premises to run your Java applications. We will t

IoT Home Automation | Basic plant watering system

Almost 3 months past without working on the own IoT home solution. In the meantime, I was able to lose the UI implementation. Because of this in the next 1-2 weeks, I will try to rewrite it. The previous post about my IoT solution: IoT Home Automation | Stabilize the garage doors solution after power break (resistors and capacitors) Because summer holidays are here and I didn't want to bother my neighbors to water the flowers I decided to come up with a fast and cheap solution based on ESP8266. For grass I already have an automation solution from Gardena, but if you can do it yourself why not. Especially if you take into account the price of Gardena controller. The first version is pretty basic, from the features perspective. No internet connection, no reporting, no humidity sensors and other stuff like this. Lack of time forced me to keep things super necessary, but I've replicated 100% th