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Plan the project decommission in day 0

We all make mistakes. Sometimes are small with no impact on business continuity, sometimes are bigger and can impact the business. A few years ago I was involved indirectly in a project where a wrong decision generated not only a large amount of money to be lost, but also still have impact on the current business and there is a high risk to affect the business continuity. I decided to write this post as a lesson learn for all of us and to try to avoid making the same mistake, especially in this era, where SaaS is the preferred option, buying licenses for existing solution is better and developing your own – without analyzing the impact and what shall be done if you want to change the provider. Overview Don’t understand me wrong. I’m a big fun of SaaS and buying then in-house development. From my perspective, this is the right solution. It is the right solution for companies that have the right people around them. People that are aware of dependencies, that the system will become one

Lesson learned after the Azure bill is 2 times more than normal

Small things make the difference - Azure Billing Alerts  In the last 3 months a part of the team was blocked with some urgent tasks. Because of this they didn’t had time anymore to review the Azure Services Instances that are running under the development and testing subscription. The rest of the team didn’t check the costs and/or review the services that are running on Azure. In the context where the people that used to check this were blocked with other tasks generates cost that are 2 time more than the normal ones – even if only half of the team is working in this time period on development. Of course the best solution was that somebody would check this and the responsibility to be passed to another person, but it didn’t happen. A better approach is to have a team that knows that running services on a cloud provider generates costs and they should all the time review what services they are using and turn off the ones that are not used. But this didn’t happen of course. The

[Post Event] ITCamp Community Event - Timisoara July 2, 2016

At the beginning of this month I had the opportunity to be invited as speaker at a local ITCamp Community event in TimiÈ™oara . This kind of local community events are so great because you can meet greeat people, that are working for different clients and industries. In this way you can take the real pulse of the IT industry and what is happning in different cities. The event was organized by ITCamp Community . At this event, there were 5 sessions that talked about different things like mobile development, Azure SQL, security, system center and microservices. At this event I talked abot Service Fabric and how we can use it to develop microservices solution not only for Azure, but also for on-premises – running them on Windows or Linux. Below you can find more information related to my presentation and some pictures from the event. Titile: Azure Microservices in Practice Abstract: In this session we will take a look on Azure Service Fabric and how we can create a web application us