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[Post Event] DevTalks Cluj-Napoca 2019

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[Post Event] Tech Flow Targu Mures | May 2019

This week I had the opportunity to join the Endava Tech Flow event in Targu-Mures. The main topic of the event was Serverless computation. The 3 sessions covered the core concepts of Serverless computation and presented how you can create Serverless solutions on top of AWS and Azure.
As usual, I was impressed by the local community; more than 80 people joined the event and stayed long after 10:00 PM for networking and sharing their experience. I delivered a presentation where I talked about the flavours of microservices and serverless approaches. You can find below the slides from my presentation.
Abstract: A trick question in the cloud era, where we have both options available at our feet. What should we use? What are the trade-offs? Why should I use one and not the other? Join this session and you might find answers to these questions and more.

Serverless Functions OR Microservices from Radu Vunvulea Photos:

Should I use Logic Apps or Azure Functions?

There are multiple ways to resolve the same business problems using Azure Services. Numerous times I was involved in a discussion where Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions were put side by side.
In this post I would like to build another perspective of these two Azure services and when we shall use one or another, taking into account our functional needs and expectations. Service Overview Azure Logic Apps allows us to build workflows that are runnings as a service inside Azure, that can scale automatically and can be integrated with a high number of services from Azure or on-premises systems. Azure Functions are the serverless offer from Microsoft that are highly scalable, well integrated and ready to respond to our future need. Why is it hard to decide? A part of the functionality offered by these two services overlaps or are similar. Decided on what business scenarios we shall use one or another it is not easy. Besides this, both services are so well integrated, that you have the fee…

[Post Event] Azure Developer Bootcamp, Bucharest 2019

This week I had the opportunity to be invited by Microsoft to be a speaker and trainer at Azure Developer Bootcamp, that took place in Bucharest. I was impressed to meet more than 300 developers that were interested in discovering the microservices ecosystem of Azure.

During the event, I delivered a session about fundamentals of Azure Kuberntes Services and a 3 hours workshop where together with the attendees we deployed a Node.JS application with a MongoDB database inside AKS. It was impressive to see that more than 80 people were interested in joining my workshop.

[Post Event] Global Azure Bootcamp 2019, Cluj-Napoca

This week ITCamp Community organized a new edition of Global Azure Bootcamp. We decided to run in on April 17th, because the official date April 27th would be to close to the Orthodox Easter and the Catholic one is on April 20th.
Nevertheless, even if the format was different because it was a working day, more than 35 people joined the event and wanted to discover the Visions features that Cognitive Services are offering. Besides this, together with Florin, we wrote, deployed and integrate an Azure Functions in less than 45 minutes. It was the best way to show to people how easy we can define and run serverless functions inside Azure.
Below you can find the content from the event. See you next year!

6:00 PM–6:15 PM – Registration6:15 PM–7:00 PM – Going behind images: A dive into Computer Vision API (Claudiu Mera)7:00 PM–7:15 PM – Break7:15 PM–8:15 PM – From Azure Function to production (Florin Loghiade & Radu Vunvulea)8:15 PM–9:00 PM – NetworkingSlides:

From azure function to …

[Post Event] Serverless OR Microservices | Codecamp Cluj, 2019

This weekend we had another great Codecamp in Cluj-Napoca. With ten tracks in parallel and hundreds of attendees,  this even impresses me each time from the size perspective.
From the figures perspective, Codecamp Cluj looks as following:

20+ sponsors60+ talks60+ speakers10 tracks in parallel1500+ participants registered
I was invited to talk about Microservices and Serverless. You can find below my session slides and an article that I wrote it a few days ago.

Serverless Functions OR Microservices from Radu Vunvulea


Microservices and Serverless Computing | Pros and Cons

All of us heard about the success of Netflix, Uber or eBay. All these companies went on an approach based on falt tolerance system developed on top of microservices and serverless computing. Nowadays people are trying to replicate their success and build systems that take advantage of this new way of designing software solutions.
The complexity of a system that is built now in comparison with systems that were built 10 or 20 years ago is different. The complexity is not only higher, but also the NFRs and SLA are tighter. The expectation from the customers is availability that goes as close as possible to 100% with less money and smaller teams. It can be achieved only with the new paradigm of software development on top of microservices and serverless approach.
We are in the moment in time when architects and technical leads are realising the advantages that serverless and microservices approach brings. They are trying to adopt as fast as possible the new ways of designing applicati…