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[Post Event] SQL Day 2022 Poland / May 2022

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Microsoft Build 2022 is here

At the end of this month, I am delighted to deliver a session at Microsoft Build . Build is Microsoft's annual developer conference. During the three days of the conference, Microsoft is announcing the most development news, and updates for developers and Microsoft experts around the globe are sharing their experience and knowledge.  My talk is about developing secure applications inside Microsoft Azure. The insights that I plan to share with the audience cover the tools and mechanisms used by development teams from Romania to ensure that they build secure applications, following Microsoft's best practices and recommendations. For example, how we can ensure that application secrets are not published to the project repository, and what are the tools that can detect and react when something like this is happening. Another important aspect that we talk about is maintaining control of governance and security across large deployments using multiple tenants and subscriptions where a

Email one-time passcode (OTP) - Enable guest users without federation or registration

Nowadays, if you use Azure to run your business, there is an 80% chance of using Azure AD as the Identity and Access Management system. The strong integration with on-premises AD tenants, Google, Facebook and Azure AD B2B and Azure AD B2C makes our life much easier.  What if you provide access to an external user that cannot be authenticated using AD, MSA (Microsoft Account) or social identity providers? Or you don't know what kind of IAM the user has. OTP (Email one-time passcode) is your friend in this situation. The feature enables us to share resources or provide access to external users without requesting them to create an account. The only thing that the user needs is an email address and nothing more. The one-time passcode is sent to their email address at the moment in time when they want to access the resource that you shared with them. The passcode is valid for 30 minutes and provides a valid session for the next 24 hours. If the passcode or session expires, there is no p

Azure Private Link advantages over Azure Service Endpoint

People often ask what they should use to secure the connection between Azure PaaS services and VNETs. Today's article talks about the key differences between Azure Private Link and Azure Service Endpoints and when you should use each of them. What is? Azure Service Endpoint provides a direct and secure connection to Azure PaaS services over the Azure backbone network. Even if the traffic leaves your VNET and hits the public endpoint of the Azure PaaS service, it goes over the Azure backbone. Azure Private Link enables you to have a private IP inside your VNET used to hit the endpoint of your Azure PaaS service. The assigned private IP is part of your VNET and ensures that all traffic will stay within your VNET. What about Azure Private Endpoint? It is part of Azure Private Link, enabling you to configure the private IP address and the peering over VPN or VNET.  If you want to expose your own service over  Private Link, you can do this by using Azure Private Link Service , b

[Post Event] Big Data / Technology Warsaw Summit, April 2022

On the 28th of April, I had the opportunity to deliver a session during Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit . It was a fantastic experience, meeting great people and discovering a lot of interesting technical content. Thank you for having me! The session that I delivered was about cloud security and how things evolved during the 2 years of the pandemic.  Below, you can find a short summary of the session: Title : COVID-19 is a cloud security catalyst Description : Let's discover together how COVID-19 affected the cloud adoption and what are the most common cloud security mistakes that team are doing. #security #cloud #adotion #architecture

[Post Event] MS Stage 2022

On the 1st of April, I delivered a session during MS Stage 2022 conference where I talked about cloud, Microsoft Azure and security.  The online event had 3 tracks in parallel and covered the most important technologies provided by Microsoft (e.g.. .NET, Azure, Cosmos DB).

[Post Event] Canadian Cloud Summit 2022

This week I enjoyed the Canadian Cloud Summit . An event with more than 48 sessions covering cloud dimensions like D365, Power Platform, SharePoint, Teams, Viva and of course Azure. The audience was very active and interested in the content that was shared. The session that I delivered was covering the Azure Tools that a developer should be aware of. You can find below the deck of my session. If you have questions drop me a line on Twitter or LinkedIn . Title : Developer Tools for Microsoft Azure Abstract : During this session, we’ll take a look at the proactivity tools that can be used to improve our development experience on Azure. We’ll talk about tools from multiple areas like storage, computation, automation, cleaning and many more. All of them are free to use, build by the Azure community or Microsoft to improve the cloud experience. Deck : Developer Tools for Microsoft Azure from Radu Vunvulea