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Azure Blob Storage Life-cycle Management

In this post, we will talk about a mechanism how we can move data from Azure Storage from one tier to another. Business needs Nowadays, Azure is more than a location where you scale your processing power. Slowly, Azure becomes a location where you store your data, including audit data for 2-5 or even 15 years. Problem Initially, you have warm data, that needs to be often accessed, for example, audit data for the last 30 days. After a while, this data is becoming cooler, and you don't need to access so often. Azure Storage has at this moment three different types of tiers (Archive, Cool, Hot) that offers different access speed, but also at the same time, the price is different. For example the storage price between Hot and Archive is 10x different. Current solution At this moment even if you have all these three tiers, you had to do the chancing manually. It means that you had to create an automation mechanism that can decide if a specific content/blob can be retired and t

Azure Storage authentication using Azure AD

Cloud and Azure became a complex environment, with a high number of services and things that you need to take into account. Even so, you still use the base services in the day to day work like Azure VMs, Storage or Network capacities. Azure Storage it is one of the most used services inside Microsoft Azure directly or indirectly. Any other services that are running inside the cloud need this services to be able to store or work with data. Until now, access control to Azure was possible using Key Accounts or Shared Access Signatures (SAS). The combination of this two is powerful and can cover most of the scenarios of small and mid-size companies. Issues appear for enterprise customers, where (Azure) Active Directory is part of their core services. For them, access management to Azure Storage is crucial to be controlled using AD. Especially for an organization where there are 10.000 employees or more, sharing access to resources using SAS tokens is possible, but adds extra complex

[Post Event] ITCamp 2018, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The 8th addition of ITCamp Conference took place this week in Cluj-Napoca. This is one of the most relevant IT conferences from Transilvania if you want to have high-quality content and discover how technology meets business. There were more than 50 speakers from all around the worlds, that delivered there session during two days. In total there were around 64 sessions on 5 parallel tracks. Many times it was hard to decide what session to join. A lot of good quality content shared to more than 520 attendees. Beside this, it was an excellent opportunity to meet old and new friends that joined the conferences as speakers or attendees. See you next year, guys! This year I had the opportunity to have two sessions where I talked about best practices on the day zero of a cloud project and about quantum programming (Q#). You can find more about my sessions below. At the end of the post, there are some slides from the event. Title : Quantum programming in a nutshell Abstract: I'm