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Application Insights and behavior analytics

Azure Application Insights allows us to understand better how does our application behaves and what is our users behavior. 
Many times you want to know what are the pages that attract users the most, what is the user flow inside your application and that is the retention level. All of this can be gathered using Application Insights that has some key features that enable this.

(1) Session, Events and Users 
Once you activate Application Insights in your application you have a dedicated dashboard where you can have a strong overview related to users (e.g. no. of users), sessions (e.g. pages visited during a session) and events (e.g. how often a certain page was visited). 

(2) Funnels
Used when you have flows and users need to navigate between different sections to be able to accomplish a task (e.g. product ordering). You can define a custom funnel and analyze the users patterns (e.g. how long it took to do a specific step, no. of users).