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Improving the network topology and on-premises VPN inside Azure using Gateway Transit at VNET level

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15 Questions related to Azure Cost Management and Azure billing

1. Is Azure Cost Management an excellent way to obtain billing information for my customer?
Inside Azure Cost Management you can see the current costs and different patterns related to consumption. Can be used to create a high-level idea about the billing value, but some things are not included inside the Azure Cost Management at this moment.

2. What costs are not yet included inside Azure Cost Management?
You will not be able to find costs related to supporting, reservation purchases and taxes. It might change in the future, but for now, they are not included. Additional to this Marketplace purchases, Support costs, Taxes and Credits cannot be found inside Azure Cost Management.

3. What are the costs that are included inside Azure Cost Management?
The most important categories are Azure Service usage and Marketplace offering usage. Be careful that the Reservation purchases are not yet included.

4. Can I export information from Azure Cost Management?
Using the APIs, you can export and in…

10 Questions related to Cloudyn and Azure billing

Working and managing billing and costs information using Cloudyn can be sometimes misleading.
You can find below a few tips and tricks related to Cloudyn and Azure that can be useful.
Remarks: Please take into account that information is valid for March 2019 can become absolutes in the future if any changes appear.

Tips and Tricks:
1. Can I have multiple Azure accounts under the same Cloudyn console?
Yes, you can have. I was not able to find a limit of no. of Azure accounts that you can have under the same Cloudyn console.

2. Can I have CSP accounts and EA under the same Cloudyn console?
Yes, you can. You can have multiple accounts of different types. You are not limited to have only one kind of Azure account under the Cloudyn console.

3. Can I have AWS and Azure accounts under the same Cloudyn console?
Yes, you can have both types of accounts under the same Cloudyn console.

4. Can I have Google Cloud Platform under the same Cloudyn console?
Yes, you can.

4. After how long I can see data in…

[Post Event] ApexVox Cluj-Napoca, 2019

On March 2th, 2019, the first edition of ApexVox conference took place in Cluj-Napoca. It was an interesting experience because it is an event dedicated to .NET developers and .NET stack.
The one-day event, gather 12 speakers from Romania and Europe that talk about different topics related to .NET stack. I was impressed that more than 150 people attended the event and were interested to discover what .NET stack and Microsoft prepare for them. I hope that in the future we will be able to see more events organized by ApexVox for .NET developers.

I had the opportunity to deliver a session where I talked about the message and event-based communication on top of Kubernetes when you write .NET services. You can find below the slides and a few pictures from the event.

Demystifying messaging communication patterns
Kubernetes together with microservice architecture provides perfect support for the new generation of a software solution. Even so, Kubernetes clusters need no be abl…

How to run Azure Functions on AWS and on-premises

Nowadays cloud and hybrid cloud solutions are highly demanded by companies. In this post, we will talk about a technical solution for business logic that it’s supported by multiple clouds provides and can run on-premises without any kind of issues.
The requirements for the given scenario is the following:
We need to be able to expose an API that can execute tasks that runs for 2-5 minutes each in parallel. The native platform shall be Microsoft Azure, but it should be able to run on dedicated hardware in specific countries like China and Russia. With minimal effort, it should be able to run on the AWS platform.

The current team that we had available was a .NET Core team, with good skills on ASP.NET. There are numerous services available on Azure that can run in different environments also. The most attractive ones are the ones on top of Kubernetes and microservices.
Even so, we decided to do things a little different. We had to take into considerations that an autoscaling functionalit…

How to access Power BI resources from client application (first and third party embedding)

In this post, we will talk about different ways on how we can authenticate and authorize our applications to access our Power BI Reports. Things become a little bit confusing because there are reports that can be owned by the users that access them or by another user. Additional to this there are cases when the users own the report, but not the data that are displayed.
Before jumping to the solution, we need to understand a few concepts related to how Power BI works when you use embedded functionality. The basic idea of Power BI embedded functionality is the ability to integrate an IFRAME inside your application. Inside the IFRAME we can display any content we want from reports to dashboards.
The IFRAME content is loaded directly from Power BI services using an URL and a security token. The security token can be obtained from Azure AD thought your application.
This involves two steps for authentication. The first step is happening when you call directly or indirectly the Azure AD to o…

Events and Message based system comparison

I heard very often discussion related to messaging and event systems. People are trying to compare them and decide on one solution that suits all their needs on a platform. Comparison of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and an Event base messaging system it’s wrong from the beginning.

Even if both solutions are great, they resolve different problems that we might have on a platform. ESB and Events are able to transport data between two or multiple systems, but this is where the similarities end. From the way how they are design, core features and what we can achieve with each of them, we will notify that their capabilities are limited and they don’t compete between each other.

As we will discover, later on, a complex solution might need to use both approaches to offer a consistent and competitive solution.
To be able to give hands-on examples, we will use for comparison two services that Microsoft Azure is offering.

Azure Service Bus – an ESB solution hosted inside Microsoft Azure, that…