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Improving the network topology and on-premises VPN inside Azure using Gateway Transit at VNET level

In this post, we tackle a common issue that you can have when you use Azure VNET inside your organisation. When you have an Azure environment that grows organic every few weeks with new business applications and systems that you migrate from on-premises to the cloud, there is an all the time risk to end up with a wrong infrastructure topology.
The lack of best practices, templates and strategy can end up with a topology like this.

At first glance, things might not look so bad. Even so, if w analyse how things are done, we will notify easily that we have 8 different VPN gateways used for VNET-to-VNET communication (peering). Additional to this there are two different S2S VPN connection that needs to be managed from on-premises to be able to communicate with 2 different VNETs.
Things might be optimised a little. Even so, if we want to add a layer of security and control on top of it, we would realise that the current topology is hard to maintain and manage. UDR (User Defined Rou…

15 Questions related to Azure Cost Management and Azure billing

1. Is Azure Cost Management an excellent way to obtain billing information for my customer?
Inside Azure Cost Management you can see the current costs and different patterns related to consumption. Can be used to create a high-level idea about the billing value, but some things are not included inside the Azure Cost Management at this moment.

2. What costs are not yet included inside Azure Cost Management?
You will not be able to find costs related to supporting, reservation purchases and taxes. It might change in the future, but for now, they are not included. Additional to this Marketplace purchases, Support costs, Taxes and Credits cannot be found inside Azure Cost Management.

3. What are the costs that are included inside Azure Cost Management?
The most important categories are Azure Service usage and Marketplace offering usage. Be careful that the Reservation purchases are not yet included.

4. Can I export information from Azure Cost Management?
Using the APIs, you can export and in…

10 Questions related to Cloudyn and Azure billing

Working and managing billing and costs information using Cloudyn can be sometimes misleading.
You can find below a few tips and tricks related to Cloudyn and Azure that can be useful.
Remarks: Please take into account that information is valid for March 2019 can become absolutes in the future if any changes appear.

Tips and Tricks:
1. Can I have multiple Azure accounts under the same Cloudyn console?
Yes, you can have. I was not able to find a limit of no. of Azure accounts that you can have under the same Cloudyn console.

2. Can I have CSP accounts and EA under the same Cloudyn console?
Yes, you can. You can have multiple accounts of different types. You are not limited to have only one kind of Azure account under the Cloudyn console.

3. Can I have AWS and Azure accounts under the same Cloudyn console?
Yes, you can have both types of accounts under the same Cloudyn console.

4. Can I have Google Cloud Platform under the same Cloudyn console?
Yes, you can.

4. After how long I can see data in…

[Post Event] ApexVox Cluj-Napoca, 2019

On March 2th, 2019, the first edition of ApexVox conference took place in Cluj-Napoca. It was an interesting experience because it is an event dedicated to .NET developers and .NET stack.
The one-day event, gather 12 speakers from Romania and Europe that talk about different topics related to .NET stack. I was impressed that more than 150 people attended the event and were interested to discover what .NET stack and Microsoft prepare for them. I hope that in the future we will be able to see more events organized by ApexVox for .NET developers.

I had the opportunity to deliver a session where I talked about the message and event-based communication on top of Kubernetes when you write .NET services. You can find below the slides and a few pictures from the event.

Demystifying messaging communication patterns
Kubernetes together with microservice architecture provides perfect support for the new generation of a software solution. Even so, Kubernetes clusters need no be abl…