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(Part 1) Things that we should consider when the content stored in Azure shouldn't leave a specific country

Part 1 - (Part 1) Things that we should consider when the content stored in Azure shouldn't leave a specific country
Part 2 - (Part 2) Things that we should consider when the content stored in Azure shouldn't leave a specific country

In this post we will talk about what is happening with data that is transmitted between Azure Regions and on-premises systems.

Nowadays, Microsoft is opening more and more data centers around the glob. Regions like Japan, UK (to be announced), Brasil, Germany, Korea are already in-place or will be in-place soon.
This specific countries have laws that requires for specific industry or data to not leave the country. Especially in health-care industry it is common to have a restriction that patient information to not leave the country in any moment in time. Similar laws are for other industries like banking or data protection.
In this context we need to be aware of this laws, what kind of solutions we propose and what is happening with the con…

[Post Event] ITCamp 2016, Cluj-Napoca

The 6th edition of ITCamp conference took place in Cluj-Napoca at the end of this week. For 2 days, more than 600 people were connected to the latest software development and devops trends.
More than 40 speakers had offered high quality content to ITCamp attends. Having 5 tracks in parallel is awesome, but sometimes is so hard to decide to what session to attend.

There were a lot of interesting topics that were presented and discussed during this two days. From Security and Development Best Practices, to .NET Core, Cloud and IoT. I really felt that IoT era already started during the sessions where many speakers had with them different smart devices that can improve our life.
The second day of ITCamp brought for the first time in Cluj-Napoca and Romania Microsoft HoloLens. This glasses are like the one from Start Trek that not only creates a virtual reality like other devices on the market, but offers to the user an augmentative reality. I had the opportunity to test them and it was am…

[Post Event] DevTalks 2016, Cluj-Napoca

This week we had another great conference in Cluj-Napoca - DevTalks. It seems that this month Cluj-Napoca is the hotspot of IT Conference in Transilvania. We have in only one month 4 conference with more than 500 attendees - what a crazy month.

At DevTalks Cluj-Napoca more than 600 people attended. There were 4 tracks in parallel, one of the track was 'Transition to 2020', where I was invited to talk about microservices. Because we will not have all the time the opportunity to write an application from scratch, I decided that the best topic is how to migrate a monolithic application to microservices. At the end of this post you can find my slide deck.

Title: How to migrate a Monolithic system to Microservices
Abstract: This is the story of how we need to change an existing monolithic system to be able to run over microservices. Lessons learned and best practices will be presented together with the most important architecture patterns that we need to take into account when we nee…

[Post Event] Codecamp Conference, Cluj-Napoca - May 7, 2016

After Iași, Codecamp Conference came in Cluj-Napoca. In May 7, 2016, more than 60 speakers had the opportunity to share their knowledge to local IT Community. There were 8 tracks in parallel that brought more than 700 people during the entire day.
The sessions were very interesting and the topics were vast, from developing methodologies, to technical subjects and  project management.
At this conference I was invited to speak about Microservices and Azure Service Fabric. Below you can find information about my session and slides.
Title: First 13 steps to be able to design an application for Azure Service Fabric
Abstract: Welcome to a session where we will talk about the most important thing that we need to know about Azure Service Fabric and microservices. This presentation will introduce you in the most important concept of Azure Service Fabric with real life examples and demos. This is not a how to session, this is a session with the pillars of Azure Service Fabric.

First 13 step…

Service Fabric - Custom location for logs and data on DEV Env

The current DEV environment that I'm using when I play with Service Fabric had a SSD of 256GB and a normal HDD (512GB).
The problem with the current configuration is that I don't have enough space on SSD for everything I would like to put there. Service Fabric Development Cluster can use a lot of this space and you might want to put it on another partition or HDD, where there is enough space. The location where the cluster data are stored can be specified through the Power Shell script that is used to setup the DEV environment for our cluster.
In the above example, I specify that all the data for my local cluster to be copied to D:\cluster\data and logs to D:\cluster\logs.
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Service Fabric\ClusterSetup> .\DevClusterSetup.ps1  -PathToClusterLogRoot D:\cluster\log -PathToClusterDataRoot D:\cluster\data