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Visual Studio Online and Team City - How to integrate them

Until now I played with Team City and different versions of TFS and GIT that were installed on premises. Today I wanted something more, I decided to connect Visual Studio Online TFS repository to my own Team City instance.
Unfortunately, I discover that even if it is possible, we need to do a special configuration to our Visual Studio Online account for that.
Below, you can find a short tutorial about what you need to do if you want to connect your Visual Studio Online repository to Team City.

The TFS URL that you need to use is the following, where [accountName] needs to be replaced with you own account name.
The TFS path to your repository. In my case the path was following:
$/mssummit2014/CoolWebSite/ This can be obtained very easily from Source Control Explorer windows of Visual Studio.

Surprise. You cannot use by default your LIVE credentials. To be able to connect you will need to use and activate “ALTE…

Presentations Tips and Tricks

Last week I had the opportunity to participate to a presentation training in London. The workshop was organized by Body Talk team. This was not the first time when I attended to this kind of workshop, because of this I thought that the content was similar.
But I was IMPRESSED about what things we learn and only one day. I came from London with a lot of new tips and tricks about how you should present content and speak in public. In one world I was impressed about the content and the format of the workshop. GREAT JOB Body Talk Team.

Below you can find a part of the ideas that I consider very important:

Slide content
If you have text on slides, make a short break when you switch to that slide. People need time to read the content. They cannot read it and in the same time to pay attention to the talk.

People Feeling
If you want to have a great session, beside the content that you share with them you need to think about that the FEEL. Yes, what they feel. People from the room have feelings …

Clean Code - Comments and Formatting

In the last two posts we discovered what kind of naming we should use for our methods, fields, classes and so on. Related to this we saw we should always use meaningful names that are related to the problem that we want to solve. Also, we saw that a method name should always express an action (start with a verb) and a class name should be always a noun (or to express a noun). After this we talked about function, where we find out that a function should be short, to only one thing and the number of parameters should be limited.
All the information from this series is inspired from “Clean Code”, written by Robert C. Martin. I hope that in this way I will be able to make people to read this book and write better code.

What next?
In this article we will talk about comments in our code and code formatting. The scope is to try to find out when we should add comments in our code and how this comments should look like. Because developers needs to read code every day we need to use…

PowerShell and assembly (DLL) - How to debug and load configuration file

This week we had to make a PowerShell script that call a .NET assembly class and trigger an action on a worker role. We wrote the logic in C# because was more simple for us, even if we could write the logic in PowerShell.
The .NET assembly had to read some configurations from configuration file. When we wrote the C# code, it was tested using Unit Tests and it was very simple in that case – we used app.config for this.
But when you want to the call of the logic from PowerShell thing are changing a little.
[Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFile(' [assemblyFilePath].dll') Even if we had the configuration file (app.config) in the same folder as our assembly, the PowerShell script would throw an expectation that the configuration was not found.

How to attach VS to PowerShell
First thing that you should do in this moment is to attached to PowerShell process before running the script. You can do this from menu: Debug\Attach To Process. You need to select from the processes list the ‘powersh…

Renewed MVP award

This morning I was notified that my MVP award was renewed. At least for next year I will be still with my head into clouds, Azure clouds. I predict that in the next period of time ISS (Microsoft Azure Intelligent System Service) will be my best friend.
This is my 3rd year as MVP and I really enjoy each day as MVP.
Thank you for this status renewed!